Raphael Begosso is a Music Producer, a Film, Game, TV and Trailer Composer as well as an Instructor. He has a Bachelor of Music Degree in Composition and Conducting from Universidade Estadual Paulista, the best Music University in Brazil. As a top student of his class, he was granted a scholarship from CNPQ and was invited to join a scientific research group called PET. Raphael has worked as a director, arranger, and producer for many vocal groups and choirs. His group CantaMais performed around São Paulo and was invited to appear on a TV show called Programa do Jô from Rede Globo. He is heavily influenced by orchestral action film scores, rock music and country music.

Raphael Begosso studies music since he was 13. He took guitar, piano, voice, music composition, conducting, harmony, counterpoint, music history and orchestration classes throughout his carrier. Nowadays he also works as a vocal coach and a music theory/solfeggio/ear training teacher. He also teaches piano to selected students. He has great experience with music composition, recording, mixing and mastering too. Raphael has hours of music composed in lots of styles.

In 2017, Raphael took the course Hanz Zimmer Teaches Film Scoring with the multi-award-winner composer Hanz Zimmer (Oscar, Grammy, Golden Globe etc).

The sounds in his music come from the best sample developers in the world (Native Instruments, East West/Sounds On Line, Audio Bro, Orchestral Tools, Spitfire, VSL, Project SAM, Cinesamples, Cinematic Strings, Sound Iron, 8Dio, Toontrack etc). When he needs a recorded sound, he uses only top notch studios. To mix and master his music, he has access to the best plugins from companies like Universal Audio, Waves, Slate Digital, Lexicon etc.